With Winning Insights and Models for Marvellous Yields


With Winning Insights and Models for Marvellous Yields


With Winning Insights and Models for Marvellous Yields

What we do


No matter the study design and data-generating process, statistical inference adds depth and nuance to the analysis in a way that superficial, descriptive analytics can’t.


Data engineering provides the infrastructure and methods for sourcing, transporting, storing and wrangling data. Without it, data analytics rapidly turns into a house of cards.

Data Stories

Whether your medium is a dashboard, slide deck or scientific paper, presenting insights in an engaging, intuitive and actionable way is key to achieving the largest impact.

What we stand for

Let us help you translate data into actionable information. 

Whether you want to run complex, computationally intensive workloads or routine reports and dashboards, Wimmy makes them run faster and with less human effort so that you can achieve more with less time and money.

The desire to reduce uncertainty and learn from the past is deeply ingrained in all of us. We just love using data, analytics, models and visual narratives to get clearer vision and more control over the future. 

Our identity is shaped by what we mean to others. At Wimmy, this translates into our relentless striving to maintain our recognition as masters in our craft, creative collaborators, reliable wing-men and inspiring educators.

Meet Our TEam

One team many talents 

diversity by design

Our team represents a diversity of skillsets, backgrounds and geographies. This gives us a broader technical scope, a richer vocabulary to engage with our clients, and a more global perspective on problems and solutions.

Prof Dr Wim Delva

Founder and Co-Director

I trained as a medical doctor and hold a PhD in computational epidemiology. My career path has led me to become proficient in statistical programming, data science and high performance computing. I love teaching, team work, and applying cutting-edge methods to solve complex problems. 

Dr Sheron Forgus

Medical Consultant and Co-Director

I am a family physician with a passion for community orientated primary care, chronic disease management and being a mentor to medical professionals who seek self-empowerment in an ever-changing landscape of challenges and leverage points in public health.

Chalandra Naidoo

Operations Officer

I am a business management professional with a BSc in Computer Science, a BCom Honours in Information Systems and an MBA. I strongly believe in agile ways of work, a true team culture, embracing good communication and making a positive impact in all that we do.

Phillip van Blerk

Data Infrastructure Consultant

I have more than 20 years’ experience in using data science to solve real world problems. My passion is to enable people to make better decisions through the use of scientific methods, data and technology and there is no reason why we can’t have fun doing it.

Emanuel Dominic

Data Science Consultant

I am a data scientist with an undergraduate degree in Mathematics and Statistics and two master’s degrees in Mathematical Sciences and Mathematics. I love building models to transform raw data into insights, and using data visualisations to communicate their meaning and implications.

Dionah Tshabalala

Data Science Consultant

I am a data scientist with a honour’s degree in Statistical Science, and a postgraduate diploma in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics. I am in the final phase my master’s degree in Data Science and I love applying different methods and techniques to help solve analytical problems and make sense out of large datasets.

Matthys Kroon

Data Engineer

I hold degrees in Physics, Biochemistry and Bioinformatics. I am a deeply analytical thinker and strive for efficiency and pragmatism. I have almost 10 years experience at various roles and levels in the software and data industry.

Sylvia Van Belle

Data Science Consultant

I am a medical doctor and BSc Hons graduate with a special interest in neuropsychiatry. I am excited to explore how modern computational and data sciences can lead to an improved understanding of complex systems and more holistic, patient-centric healthcare.


Kathleen Green

Health Product Owner

I am a biomathematician with a master’s degree in Mathematical Sciences. I believe in using technology to advance our understanding of healthcare through merging biology and mathematics. I enjoy working together with others, especially as a mentor to junior team members.


Prof Dr Mareli Claassens

Epidemiology Consultant

I am a medical doctor and an epidemiologist with extensive research experience in infectious diseases that disproportionately affect poor people. I believe in a trans-disciplinary approach, and I love working closely with community members and other non-scientists.

Cassandra Posthumus

Research and Information Assistant

I am a mathematical statistics honours student with an undergraduate degree in actuarial science. I aspire to become a data scientist with a focus on patient-oriented healthcare solutions. In addition, I am passionate about research and hope to use it to impact people’s lives positively.

WHat we excel in

There is something deeply satisfying about giving meaningful answers to intricate questions.

We are specialists in the science of data, health and computation, applying best practices in Automated Reporting, Data Analytics and Visualisation, Statistics, Model Simulations, Epidemiology, Supercomputing and Scientific Writing.

We make your data-intensive operation more scalable, less vulnerable to human error, and more time-efficient, traceable and reproducible.

Data management

Keeping data accessible yet secured, accurate and consistent, requires a suite of data architectures, policies, practices, and procedures. Neglect them and your data analysis is a house of cards. But get them right and your analytics will go from strength to strength at record pace.

Statistical analysis

Statistical inference from experimental or observational data gives the depth and nuance that superficial data explorations can’t. Statistical models go beyond pointing out what you already know, as they reveal where the uncertainties lie.  

Automated reporting

The result of the computational or statistical analysis may change, but the recipes stay the same. We avoid time-consuming and fallible manual procedures, and instead develop automatable scripts for data cleaning, wrangling, analysis and reporting.

Courses and workshops

Learning is most effective when done in an engaging, hands-on style, and when the content is relatable and applicable. This is how we develop and facilitate all of our courses and workshops, whether in data science, statistics, epidemic simulation modelling, or dashboard development.

High Performance Computing

Experienced in both on-prem high performance computing and virtual clusters in the cloud, we can iterate through data and models faster, so you spend less time waiting for results, and more time turning the results into actions.

Scientific writing

Authority and thought leadership is authenticated by high quality scientific publications. We have over 15 years of experience with scientific writing, publishing in peer-reviewed journals, and presenting at international conferences.

Get in touch

Feel free to contact us if you have a query about the kind of analyses we can perform, the software we use, or the courses we could develop and teach.

We’re committed to reply to you within one business day, and follow up with a remote or in-person meeting when indicated.

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