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We use predictive scenario modelling to guide corporate decisions around Covid controls


We develop algorithms for computer-assisted interpretation of audiograms to reduce hearing loss


We go beyond descriptive statistics and investigate hypotheses with the appropriate statistical methodology


Our models predict the risk of graft failure after a liver transplant

Data Science for Health

Quality, timely delivery and maximal return on investment

Wimmy is a specialised consultancy that helps organisations monitor, improve and safeguard the health and wellbeing of their workforces, general public and patients. As translators and interpreters, we guide organisations on their data analytics journey from data discovery and extraction to analysis and data storytelling. We offer a deep understanding and sense making that empower impactful high-quality decisions.

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Our models and analyses have improved the lives of communities around the world

Organisational Health

Occupational Safety, Health and Wellbeing

Organisational health is managed in a challenging environment where workplace hazards, occupational injuries and diseases, and psycho-social stressors are rife, but resources are finite.

Wimmy takes an organisation-wide approach, integrating diverse data sources to get a holistic view of occupational safety, health and wellbeing. Our analytical models help leaders make better decisions, faster. We strive for the greatest return on investment by delivering data science solutions that simultaneously improve health outcomes and operational efficiencies.

In close collaboration with our clients, we co-create tools that provide answers to fundamental questions around the current health landscape and trajectories, the effectiveness of past and ongoing programmes, and the prioritisation of future investments in occupational safety, health and wellbeing initiatives.

What we do


Our team of medical experts in occupational medicine, general medicine, global health and epidemiology provide the insights that give our data context, inform the analytical insights, and perform our medical research.


No matter the study design or data-generating process, our statistical inference methods add depth and nuance in a way that superficial, descriptive analytics can’t.


Health models aid in proactive decision making and can also quantify the health gains made by past decisions. Wimmy has developed insights and predictions, based on  tuneable parameters.

Data Stories

Whether the medium is a dashboard, slide deck or scientific paper, we present insights in an engaging, intuitive and actionable way to achieve the largest impact.


Automation minimises time-consuming, fallible, manual procedures. Our methodology allows for quick deployment and updating of models that support decision making.


Turning studies into publishable documents requires deep expertise in scientific writing. We have over 15 years of experience, publishing in peer-reviewed journals and presenting at international conferences.


 Data governance ensures that data is accessible yet secured, accurate, traceable and consistent. We deploy a suite of data architectures, policies, practices, and procedures.


Solid insights and effective decisions require high quality data. Our training empowers healthcare providers by creating awareness around the importance of quality health data and data governance.


Data engineering provides the infrastructure and methods for sourcing, transporting, storing and wrangling data. Without it, data analytics rapidly turns into a house of cards.

The Wimmy difference

“The epidemiological and statistical models developed by the Wimmy team have accelerated the transformation from what used to be a fragmented, reactive and descriptive approach, to an integrated health system that is forward-looking, action-focused and preventative.”

Dr Elton Dorkin

Head of Health, Anglo American, South Africa

“Wimmy is situated at the intersection of medical science and digital technology, which gives them a competitive advantage to provide high quality consultancy services. We are delighted to be working with the team on our big data and AI project.”

Prof Dr Keymanthri Moodlley

Professor of Bioethics, Stellenbosch University, South Africa

“The Wimmy team is helpful and willing to go the extra mile to enable project success. In addition, they are nimble, which is vital in a dynamic and fast-paced environment where adjustments sometimes need to be made while pursuing a specific deliverable.”

Jacobus Eksteen

Co-founder and CEO, Matogen Applied Insights, South Africa

“Their consultants understood the challenge immediately, thanks to their medical training. Having the ability to interpret and translate concepts from medicine to data analytics and back is a game-changer and sets them apart from other data science consultants.”

Prof Dr Xavier Verhelst

Professor of Hepatology, Ghent University Hospital, Belgium

an interdisciplinary team of experts

Our team includes medical doctors, data scientists, solution architects, business analysts, product and project managers, UX/UI and graphic designers, DataOps engineers and software developers.

Evidence-based, action-focused models

Our models combine information from scientific studies and individual patient-level data, to help leaders act decisively in the protection of health and management of disease.

ENterprise grade solutions

Whether the product is a report, a dashboard or decision model, we build enterprise-grade solutions that are scalable, integrated, quality-assured and automatable.

Continuous learning and improvement

We adopt a continuous learning approach to keep ahead of emerging developments in data science, medicine and business management practices.


Are you a Corporate Health Leader?

The management of exposure to workplace hazards, occupational injuries and diseases, infectious diseases and stressful office environments can be enhanced using advanced data science.

Wimmy takes a holistic approach, integrating your organisational health data with related publicly available data. We build descriptive and predictive models that help you answer tough questions such as what are our health trends and trajectories, how effective are our current programmes, what should we be doing more of, what should we stop doing, what should we prioritise?

Are you a Public Health Leader?

Infectious diseases (pandemics and seasonal epidemics, TB, HIV and other sexually transmitted infections), non-communicable diseases (primarily cardiovascular disease, cancer, chronic respiratory disease, diabetes), violence and injury, substance abuse and poor mental health continue to be major threats to public health.

Our Public Health analytics support government and health organisations across all components of the surveillance cycle; including study design, data acquisition, data management, data analysis and communication. Wimmy takes a holistic approach, integrating your organisational health data with related publicly available data. We build descriptive and predictive models that help you answer tough questions such as what are our health trends and trajectories, how effective are our current programmes, what should we be doing more of, what should we stop doing, what should we prioritise?

Are you a Health Science Researcher?

You have the domain expertise and the drive to make discoveries in medicine and other health sciences. We have the skills and ambition to help you along the way.

We can help you with power and sample size calculations or other aspects of study design. Perhaps you want to use more advanced statistical methods that do justice to the complexity of the data. Or you need expert advice on how best to visualise the study results. We are happy to be your biostatistical support unit, help you create publication ready figures, tables and accompanying text, or even an interactive web app that allows your audience to engage with the data and study findings interactively.

Are you an Occupational Health Service Provider?

As an occupational health service provider, you collect, capture and work with data on a daily basis. This valuable data can be converted to insights that save lives, prevent injury and inform pro-active health and safety measures.

Enhance your service by introducing Wimmy connected intelligence, predictive modelling and decision solutions.

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