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Are you keen to work with real-world data that makes a tangible impact on the health and wellbeing of communities around the world?

Are you looking for a team that values your unique perspective and meaningful contribution?

Wimmy might be the right fit for you.

Wimmy Data Science Team

Here’s what you need to know about

The Wimmy way of Work 

Agile and hybrid

To be effective, working closely with other team members within the Wimmy team and the client’s team is essential. These colleagues include occupational health professionals, business analysts, data scientists, epidemiologists, statisticians, UX and graphic designers, product and project managers, data engineers and data protection experts.

At Wimmy, we adopt an agile planning and project delivery process, in which we typically schedule work and produce results in three-monthly and two-weekly cadences. We recognise the value of spending time together at the office but also the value of working from home. Therefore, we use a hybrid schedule, balancing the team and project demands with time efficiency, flexibility and autonomy. 

Wimmy Data Science Team

The foundational values of Wimmy include setting a high standard for quality, doing meaningful and impactful work, having creative freedom, having fun, continuous professional and personal growth and learning, and a work environment in which people feel safe, have a sense of belonging, are authentic, and are diverse. This diversity extends beyond racial diversity, and also includes diversity in gender, age, skills, training and professional experience. To ensure that our lived experience is indeed reflective of these values, we do regular team socials and we have partnered with a qualified coach and people experience specialist.


What our team haVE to say

I enjoy working as a data scientist at Wimmy because I can learn so much from my peers. Since the team is so multi-disciplinary, I’ve had the opportunity to learn how others tackle a problem and therefore broaden my data science toolkit.

Because we work in healthcare, the types of problems we solve feel meaningful. The work is fulfilling and engaging.


Wimmy is a fast paced and innovative company to be part of. It is great to work with a team that is experienced in different fields, which allows for continuous learning and growth on an every day basis. I find the freedom and autonomy given to shape the startup is incredibly valuable. At Wimmy you are treated with compassion and understanding.


It is so exciting to see Wimmy grow from strength to strength. We are building a unique organisation that has purpose and is a beautiful home for professional careers in data science.



We are encouraged to come up with our own creative solutions to solve problems. Whilst we have autonomy to investigate interesting models, there is always support from senior management.

Wimmy is a dynamic team with high levels of positive energy, directing their initiative and expertise to solving cutting edge problems in healthcare. The team dynamic is inspiring and friendly. It is a fantastic workspace to grow and develop as a professional.



Job opportunities

For more information and how to apply, download the pdf.

Data scientist

  • BSc, Honours or Masters degree in a quantitative discipline such as Statistics, Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, Engineering, or Data Science

  • No work experience required
  • Experience manipulating data with SQL, R or Python

  • R25k-R75k gross per month, depending on experience

Lead data scientist

  • Masters or PhD degree in a quantitative discipline such as Statistics, Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, Engineering, or Data Science
  • A minimum of 5 years work experience as a data scientist, statistician or data analyst
  • Experience manipulating data with SQL, R or Python
  • A minimum of 1 year experience leading a team of data scientists, statisticians or data analysts
  • R75k-R125k gross per month, depending on experience