Focus areas

So much more than data science

Wimmy supports corporates for whom occupational and organisational health and safety are high priority such as mining, oil and gas, chemicals, manufacturing, financial services, logistics and medical services. We further provide services to health departments, NGOs, medical researchers, healthcare funders and electronic health system providers with our advanced analytics and medical expertise.

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Organisational health

The best organisational health programmes are informed by a wealth of data. Besides internal health records and occupational hygiene data, they leverage the information from external sources such as public health and environmental data and research.

Our analysis and data dashboarding allows companies to understand the epidemiology of diseases in their workplaces. We also assist them in assessing whether their hygiene, safety and occupational medicine programmes are adequate and effective in optimising health in the workplace. This management information provides critical insights that support and direct preventive strategies.

Public health

Public health surveillance depends on the collection, analysis and communication of health data to generate insights that drive improvement in the health of populations. Such data typically include demographic, socioeconomic, behavioural and clinical characteristics of the target population, as well as data on morbidity and mortality.

We have done extensive work in the field of HIV, TB, Covid and Influenza epidemiology, prevention and case management.


Research in health sciences drives innovation and ultimately the improvement of health for patient populations. With our deep roots in academia, we have led various quantitative aspects of research, including conceptual study design and analysis plans, biostatistical inference and hypothesis testing, and scientific writing.

Data quality

At Wimmy, we don’t just analyse health data, but start by evaluating the data’s quality, governance, collection and management processes. Where necessary, we introduce customised methodologies and tools to address shortcomings.¬†