Meet Our TEam

One team many talents 

diversity by design

Our team represents a diversity of skills, academic background and professional experience. This gives us a broader technical scope, a richer vocabulary to engage with our clients, and a more nuanced perspective on problems and solutions.

Prof Dr Wim Delva

Founder and Managing Director

I trained as a medical doctor and hold a PhD in computational epidemiology. My career path has led me to become proficient in statistical programming, data science and high performance computing. I love teaching, team work, and applying cutting-edge methods to solve complex problems. 

Dr Sheron Forgus

Medical Consultant and Co-Director

I am a family physician with a passion for community orientated primary care, chronic disease management and being a mentor to medical professionals who seek self-empowerment in an ever-changing landscape of challenges and leverage points in public health.

Dr Andy Thomson

Occupational Medicine Specialist

I am an occupational medicine specialist with postgraduate qualifications in emergency and travel medicine, as well as in management and leadership. I have held several director-level positions in organisational health in South Africa and overseas, and I have led the design, development and implementation of occupational health information and management solutions – my passion.

Dr Kathleen Green

Health Product Owner

I am a biomathematician with a master’s degree and PhD in Mathematical Sciences. I believe in using technology to advance our understanding of healthcare through merging biology and mathematics. I enjoy working together with others, especially as a mentor to junior team members.

Emanuel Dominic

Data Scientist

I am a data scientist with an undergraduate degree in Mathematics and Statistics and two master’s degrees in Mathematical Sciences and Mathematics. I love building models to transform raw data into insights, and using data visualisations to communicate their meaning and implications.

Dr Sylvia Van Belle

Data Scientist

I am a medical doctor and BSc Hons graduate with a special interest in neuropsychiatry. I am excited to explore how modern computational and data sciences can lead to an improved understanding of complex systems and more holistic, patient-centric healthcare.

Cassandra Posthumus

Data Scientist

I am a Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence Masters student with a background in actuarial science and mathematical statistics. I believe that data science can be used to better inform healthcare decisions. I hope to improve lives on a patient-level through the mathematical modelling of healthcare problems. 

Liam Gourlay-Smith

Data Scientist

I am in the final phase of completing a BEngHon in Mechanical Engineering. I enjoy creating solutions to intricate problems. As such I am excited to develop my understanding of health sciences and data analytics with the Wimmy team, and help make advances in medicine.

Steven Kukard

DataOps Engineer

I believe that the meaning and value of data and statistics should be immediately apparent to their audience. Thus, drawing on my professional experience with a wide range of front- and back-end data analytics technologies, I seek not only to produce insightful analyses, but to communicate them as clearly as possible.

EXpert associates

Chalandra Naidoo

Programme Consultant

I am a business management professional with a BSc in Computer Science, a BCom Honours in Information Systems and an MBA. I strongly believe in agile ways of work, a true team culture, embracing good communication and making a positive impact in all that we do.

Phillip van Blerk

Data Infrastructure Consultant

I have more than 20 years’ experience in using data science to solve real world problems. My passion is to enable people to make better decisions through the use of scientific methods, data and technology and there is no reason why we can’t have fun doing it.

Alex Mion

Alex Mion

Cloud Infrastructure Architect

With a B.Sc. in Computer Science and Information Systems, Alex is a multi-skilled individual with over 20 years of experience in Systems Engineering, Development and Cloud Services. His passion in education led him to architect, develop and operationalise one of the world’s first online distance learning platforms, whereafter he continued his career as CTO in multiple FinTech environments. 


Stefan Visagie 

Cloud Software Architect

Stefan is a Software Architect & Developer with 15 years of experience in full stack development with extensive experience designing and building distributed systems, high concurrency systems and transactional systems. He has developed application platforms which allow corporates to rapidly deploy secure transactional applications to their staff and customers.